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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category
347935 Feature Approved Normal Show the languages of editions 2014-10-14 07:07 PM
347882 Feature Assigned Normal In case of duplicate note add new text to existing note David Schachtler 2014-10-14 05:31 PM
347316 Bug New High Website is down 2014-10-13 05:22 PM
347267 Feature New Normal Jump back to item number after save 2014-10-12 01:33 AM
346704 Feature Resolved Normal Improve the priority selection | Auswahl der Priorit├Ąt verbessern David Schachtler 2014-10-11 07:23 AM
345326 Bug Resolved High Changing items in "Want" and "Need" lists has no effect David Schachtler 2014-10-10 10:14 PM
341591 Bug Resolved High hall maps don't work (SQL Error) 2014-10-08 05:01 AM
340211 Feature Approved Low Option to add a game that is missing / Multiple Game Sources David Schachtler 2014-10-11 03:05 AM
318703 Feature New Low Improved readability of games list for mobile users 2014-10-11 04:14 AM
317220 Bug Approved Normal Ignore and skip buttons only work when clicked next to icon 2014-10-11 07:15 AM
308530 Feature New Low Customizable printable lists 2014-06-11 04:46 PM
308529 Feature New Low Customizable priorities 2014-06-11 04:44 PM
308525 Feature Resolved Normal Option to add personal reminders for booths without games David Schachtler 2014-10-14 01:10 AM
308524 Feature New Low List publishers with unknown booths on printable booth list 2014-06-11 04:36 PM
308521 Feature Approved Normal Option to hide ignored games in editable games list David Schachtler 2014-10-11 03:08 AM
308520 Bug Assigned Normal Skipped games are shown in games list but not in booth list/map David Schachtler 2014-06-11 04:31 PM
308519 Feature New Low Games/Publisher data after hall maps 2014-06-11 04:30 PM
308518 Feature New Low Share your list with others in a read only manner 2014-06-11 04:29 PM

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