Editable Games List

On this page you can evaluate all the games that are reported to be in Essen during the selected year. For each game you can:
  • Specify how badly you want to check it out. Here's the suggested usage of the different priorities:
    • Ignore: You are not interested in this game. It will not show up on your printed materials.
    • Skip: You haven't made a decision in this game yet. They will not show up on your Printable Booth List or Printable Hall Maps but are included on your Printable Games List
    • Like: As in "I would like to check this out". Included in all your printet materials but of lowest priority.
    • Want: As in "I want to check this out". Included in all your printed materials with medium priority.
    • Need: As in "I need to check this out". Included in all your printed materials with highest priority.
  • Whether or not you have preordered the game.
  • General notes about the game. For example: a few keywords what the game is about or why you're interested in it, it's price or available languages. But really anything you want.




As of 2014 the list has become to big to be edited in one block. It is now broken down into pages of up to 200 items. Directly underneath the page title are a set of links pointing to the individual pages. Note that when you switch pages all your unsaved changes are lost.

You can still try and edit all the items in one go by manually changing the 'page' paramter in the URL to 0 (zero) but you might find that changes to some items at the end of the list will not be saved.

Quick Jump / Quick Edit Menu

This short overview table tells you how many games you have in each priority rating. By clicking on the number in the second column you will be brought directly to the first item in that category. The remaining three columns allow you to quickly change the priority of all games with that rating to 'Unrated', 'Skipped' or 'Ignored' respectively.

Games list

For each game the list provides you with a short overview about the game, consisting of:
  • An image
  • A name
  • One or more (in case multiple puplishers are bringing it to Essen) links back to the SPIEL Preview GeekList
  • A list of publisher (when you hover over the (i) icon)
  • How many player the game supports
  • Official playing time
  • Recommended minimum age

After this information comes a set of form elements where you can input your evaluation of the game. In order to select any priority just click the corresponding radio button.

Once you change any of the form elements the row will be highlighted with a red dotted outline to remind you that you have unsaved changes. To save the entire page simply click the "Save" button at the end of any row.