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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category
704730BugNewLowAI Skill level forgotten when saved game is loaded2017-10-18 04:25 PMFreeciv-web
704729BugNewNormalMemory of terrain resources is lost on load game2017-10-18 04:21 PM
704711BugResolvedNormaloverlays.spec has incompatible capabilities - segfault᳇ Ϻ⚸Яℨ⚔ ᳇2017-10-18 06:32 PMgui-qt
704608BugResolvedNormalQt client, progressbar - draw text after icon᳇ Ϻ⚸Яℨ⚔ ᳇2017-10-17 08:40 PMgui-qt
704607FeatureResolvedNormalQt client , city worklist - move attack/def/movement values to tooltip᳇ Ϻ⚸Яℨ⚔ ᳇2017-10-17 08:34 PMgui-qt
704602FeatureResolvedNormalQt client - connect on double click in network page᳇ Ϻ⚸Яℨ⚔ ᳇2017-10-17 07:35 PMgui-qt
704309BugNewNormalRailroads require both Road and Bridge Building2017-10-17 07:59 AMRulesets
704288FeatureResolvedNormalBridge functionality as extras property2017-10-17 08:08 AMGeneral
704182FeatureResolvedNormalframe_by_frame animation mode: Explosion part of the battle animation2017-10-16 06:40 PMClient
704082BugNewNormalEnemy units (peaceful) get stuck (don't disband) on transition from armistice->peace during territory expansion2017-10-16 01:15 PM
703843BugResolvedNormalREADME.AI_modules claims that only "classic" ai is built by default2017-10-16 05:18 PMDocumentation
703839BugResolvedNormalAutosettlers value road connectivity too much on hex map2017-10-16 05:10 PMAI
701889BugResolvedNormalmsys2: GSettings schemas2017-10-16 05:15 PMWindows Installers
701752BugNewNormalStarting of scenario game should auto-take a player2017-10-07 07:49 AMgui-gtk3x
701751BugResolvedNormalFreeciv 2.6.0-beta1 crashes when browsing for savegame on Windows2017-10-16 07:54 AMWindows Installers
701353FeatureNewNormal"Go to and do..." unit order2017-10-05 10:14 AM
701344FeatureNewNormalServer setting to limit 'unitwaittime' to hostile borders2017-10-04 08:28 PMServer
701180TaskNewNormalMsys2-next after 1707142017-10-04 02:46 AMWindows Installers
701158FeatureNewNormalExtend allowed names (for cities etc.) beyond ASCII2017-10-03 08:06 PMServer
701050BugNewNormalNon-ASCII city names not supported in Freeciv-webAndreas Røsdal2017-10-03 06:44 PMFreeciv-web
700914BugNewLowWindows CMD scripts NEQ auto2017-10-02 11:34 PMWindows Installers
700913BugNewLowWindows COPYING.installer2017-10-03 12:30 AMDocumentation
700912FeatureNewLowWindows libpng14 vs. libpng152017-10-04 01:31 AMGeneral
700911FeatureNewLow3.x.y game.ruleset sections2017-10-02 11:09 PMRulesets
700908BugNewLow260b1 effect _leader_escape2017-10-02 11:59 PMRulesets
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