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692651BugResolvedNormalSome hexemplio numbers misaligned (tiles.png)Jacob Nevins2017-08-23 10:31 PMArt
692598FeatureResolvedNormalCheck rulesets as a part of Travis CI buildsSveinung Kvilhaugsvik2017-08-23 03:10 PMGeneral
692596FeatureNewLowamplio2 gfx nits2017-08-23 03:03 PMArt
692525BugResolvedNormal"fcdb lua" server command crashes without --authSveinung Kvilhaugsvik2017-08-23 12:18 PMServer
692491FeatureNewNormalTRAIT_MAX_VALUE_SR2017-08-23 10:23 AMServer
692487BugNewNormalBad whales 2562017-08-23 10:12 AMServer
692486BugNewLowcity.c radius2017-08-23 10:07 AMServer
692482BugNewNormal260beta0 variant2 settlers2017-08-23 10:00 AMWindows Installers
692480BugNewNormal25x convert_time2017-08-23 11:08 AMServer
692477BugNewNormal25x city_growth incomplete2017-08-23 09:41 AMServer
692473TaskNewLowutility. inputfile.c get_token_value2017-08-23 09:33 AMClient
692373FeatureNewLowProvenance (defaultness) of game-start setting values not tracked2017-08-22 10:09 PMServer
692371FeatureNewNormalSend server setting defaultness to client2017-08-22 09:16 PM
692282BugNewNormalCapture does not result in fortification loss2017-08-22 01:02 PM
692110FeatureNewNormalMultiplayer ruleset: Darwin's Voyage is overpowered?2017-08-22 07:56 PMRulesets
692021FeatureResolvedNormalnew test: all bundled rulesets are loadingSveinung Kvilhaugsvik2017-08-23 02:06 PMGeneral
691877BugNewNormalHelp text mentions the spacerace option2017-08-21 04:18 AM
691824BugIn ProgressNormalai ignores Stealings_IgnoreSveinung Kvilhaugsvik2017-08-23 07:11 PMAI
691812BugNewNormalItaly scenario: map is divided into two parts2017-08-20 12:37 PMArt
691752BugNewNormalCrash on middle-clicking tile under Wine2017-08-19 04:04 PMClient
691751BugResolvedNormalQt "Zoom default" doesn't reset font size᳇ Ϻ⚸Яℨ⚔ ᳇2017-08-20 06:12 PMgui-qt
691747BugNewNormal2.6 msys1 builds' sounds sound muffled compared to other builds2017-08-19 03:05 PMClient
691609BugResolvedNormalalien and civ1 configures unused action Poison CitySveinung Kvilhaugsvik2017-08-23 11:10 AMRulesets
690756BugNewNormalMake Lua city_size_change signal consistent wrt (City).size2017-08-14 09:38 PM
690313FeatureNewNormalTry to pick subset of scenario start positions that are uniformly distributed2017-08-13 12:23 PM
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