Redmine Version

Redmine 3.3.2.stable.16365


Redmine Auto Watch plugin

This plugin is a hook to add users in the issue watchers list automatically when they are involved in it.

Teddy Lerat 1.0.0

Bots filter

Prevent bots from crawling alternate formats links and various part of the application.

Jean-Philippe Lang 1.02

Redmine Charts


Plugin for Redmine which integrates some nice project charts.

Maciej Szczytowski 0.2.1

Redmine CORS

This is a plugin for Redmine that make possible CORS request. Marco

Vito Moscaritolo 0.0.1

Redmine Delete Project plugin

Adds an ACL to allow project deletion by non-admin users.

Anthony Paul 0.0.4

Redmine Wiki HTML Util

Allows you to embedd RAW HTML into your wiki, load stylesheets and javascript. Made for html/css/js demo wikis.

Arlo Carreon 0.0.1

Redmine Issue Checklist plugin

This is a issue checklist plugin for Redmine.

Kirill Bezrukov 2.1.0

Mylyn Connector plugin

This plugin provides a webservice API for Eclipse Mylyn (RESTful).

Sven Krzyzak / Daniel Munn 2.8.2.stable


Use Amazon S3 as a storage engine for attachments

Chris Dell 0.0.3

Screenshot Paste


Allow pasting a screenshot from the clipboard on the issue form.

Jean-Philippe Lang 2.1.0

Redmine Theme Changer

Lets each user select a theme for Redmine

Haruyuki Iida 0.2.0