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The IECHost solution provides a flexible, multi-OS, and modern alternative for the preservation of Commodore DOS floppy disks in digital format.

The IECHost hardware connects directly to the IEC bus, Commodore's implementation of a serial bus, and provides IEC master functionality to access 5'1/4" floppy disk drives, such as the Commodore 1541, Commodore 1541-II, Commodore 1571, and compatible drives, e.g. the Oceanic.

IECHost client applications interact with the hardware itself through a standard USB data connection. Binaries are currently being made available for Windows, Linux, and ARM (e.g. for running on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B).

Notable features include:
  • fast disk image creation from a Commodore DOS physical disk,
  • fast disk image restoration to a physical disk, and
  • file manipulation, for both reading existing files and writing new ones, using Commodore's DOS protocol.

Fast disk image operations are executed at a speed comparable to the one experienced through the use of WarpCopy64. Support for mass transfers, along with error handling, are also comparable to WarpCopy64's.