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Cocos2dx Installation Memo
Use Facebook in Cocos2dx memo
Google Play Service Deployment Memo
Admob Deployment Reference (Admob部屬參考資料)
iOS Developer Installation
iOS Deployment Requirement
iOS TestFlight Deployment

Cocos2dx Information

  1. Cocos2d-x v2.2.6 Released
    1. Support 64 bit ios
    2. Support lua only on 64 bit ios, but luajit on other platforms. They are not compatible.
  2. Cocos2d-x Forum
    1. Call Java functions from C++ in cocos2d-x
    2. Call C++ functions from Java in cocos2d-x


  1. CocoStudio old version download

Game Development Reference Weblinks

MS-DOS Bat Memo


  3. xcode 6.3.1 can't run ios 8.2 simulator error
  4. how do I force Xcode to rebuild the Info.plist file in my project every time I build the project?


    MSBuild.exe MyProj.proj /property:Configuration=Debug
    2. 以累加方式建置
      您可以告知 MSBuild,僅在目標所依賴的原始程式檔或目標檔變更時,才能建置目標。 MSBuild 會使用檔案的時間戳記判定檔案是否已變更。


  2. hudson, jenkins, teamcity
  6. post-commit hooks
    1. Jenkins Subversion Plugin

trouble shooting of eclipse

  1. logcat
    Why doesn't logcat show anything in my Android?
  2. facebook api setContentView R cannot be resolved is a file that the Android Eclipse plugins creates while building your application. is created under the "gen" directory. This file is generated from the information in the "res" directory. If you run select "Project" -> "Clean..." on the Eclipse menu, it will remove and then regenerate the file.
  3. Eclipse hangs at starting of Android SDK Content Loader
    1. Clear cache of Eclipse
          Make sure that eclipse is not active. If it is active kill eclipse from the processes tab of the task manager
          Open %USERPROFILE%/ on Windows or simply ~ on Linux/OS X (You can locate this folder from the Desktop)
          Go to .android folder (This may be a hidden folder)
          Delete the folder cache which is located inside .android folder
          Delete the file ddms.cfg which is located inside .android folder
          Start Eclipse
  4. R.?? cannot be resolve
    1. Check the folder res and find if there is anything you didn't copy from.
    2. ex. R.string.exception is in res\values\strings.xml
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
          <string name="exception">Exception: %1$s</string>
    3. ex. R.layout.? is in res\layout\pick_friends_activity.xml
  5. Entry point of android application
      「package」 是「manifest」(清單)標籤的一個特別屬性,範例中的內容可用來標明,這個應用程式的進入點存在於「」這個名稱空間/路徑中。 
      因為在上一層「Manifest」標籤屬性中已經定義了「package=""」,因此在「activity」標籤的 「android:name」屬性中,「.Bmi」代表著「」的簡寫。
  6. c++ eclipse wrong error interpretation
  7. editor font

Ant and Maven

    Differences between ant and maven
    maven看起來像是一個公版的build description, 而 ant則是一個底層build script. 前者比較難懂,需要溝通,並試著統一風格(像是design pattern).後者則比較直白,容易閱讀.
    "You have to tell Ant exactly where your source is, where you want the resulting bytecode to be stored, and how to package this all into a JAR file. While there are some recent developments that help make Ant less procedural, a developer's experience with Ant is in coding a procedural language written in XML." 
    "... In Maven, to create a JAR file from some Java source, all you need to do is create a simple pom.xml, place your source code in ${basedir}/src/main/java and then run mvn install from the command line. ...." 
    "The XML really starts to grow significantly when you start adding in extra requirements" 
    "Maven’s primary goal is to allow a developer to comprehend the complete state of a development effort in the shortest period of time. In order to attain this goal there are several areas of concern that Maven attempts to deal with:
    Making the build process easy
    Providing a uniform build system
    Providing quality project information
    Providing guidelines for best practices development
    Allowing transparent migration to new features" 
    "Apache Ant is a Java library and command-line tool whose mission is to drive processes described in build files as targets and extension points dependent upon each other. The main known usage of Ant is the build of Java applications" 

Push notification and GCM

  1. ios push APNs
    1. Titanium:實做Ios app的Push notification功能
    2. iOS APNS 訊息推播 - Apple Push Notification Service 介紹
    3. Apple Push Notification Service
    4. Creating .pem file for APNS?
    5. How to build an Apple Push Notification provider server
    6. How to renew your Apple Push Notification Push SSL Certificate
    7. argon/node-apn
    9. 用node.js實作Apple APNS推撥服務server
  2. android gcm
    1. 【Android】使用 GCM
    2. Google Developer Console API: Google Cloud Messaging for Android
    3. Try Cloud Messaging for Android

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