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2015-06-15 05:59 AM

Inspired by Domination, Patrol Ops and other MP coop missions in Arma 3, Authority will be coded from scratch, using where possible, the latest BIS functions and modules.

It will feature primary missions, typically assault and take a town or large objective from the enemy. Secondary missions will be within or close to the main mission and be broadly similar to Dominations side missions. The difference being that completion of both is required to move on. The amount of secondary mission required to complete the town is dependent on how much damage players do during the assault phase. So killing civilians, destroying buildings, allowing the enemy force to build up will all mean more secondary missions.

Taking primary targets and reputation

2015-10-02 09:48 PM

To take a main target, all the enemy units must be killed. This is stage 1.

Stage 2 is consolidation where players are briefed ( and maybe a skiptime) that there are some secondary missions to be completed.

In addition, the town populace must like the player team, this is called reputation.

cargo tower (and thus military installations)

2015-11-17 07:19 AM


[3898.33,12295.6] halfway between neri and kavala no helipads

[6829.23,16050.2] between kore, topolia and factory. no helipads

[8319.73,10057.5] peninsula between Zaros Bay and Edessa Bay. no helipads

[8409.97,18245.3] just west of syrta. 1 helipad nearby


2016-01-18 08:11 AM

a dump of the targetdata
"[Location NameVillage at 16584, 16104,"Anthrakia",[16634.3,16154,0],225,1,1,1]"
"[Location NameCity at 16207, 17297,"Telos",[16257,17346.7,0],225,1,1,7]"
"[Location NameCity at 14480, 17614,"Gravia",[14479.8,17614.3,0],150,1,1,6]"

Tankys CUP vehicles List

2016-04-12 07:20 AM

As above

List of class names of vehicles for the mission