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In Vietnam, life standard is rising day by day. In the past, the essential needs were that
enough foods to eat and clothes to wear. But now, everybody not only acquire a sufficient life
but also a high-standard one which makes them have a healthy body. One of the most popular
methods is doing exercise. Nevertheless, not everyone know how to do workout efficiently. So,
we come up with the idea of mobile application which tends to instruct people to practice
exercise and control body index.
With the recent emergency of smartphone generations, mobile apps become more and
more popular because of the convenience and ease in using. We want to develop this app, which
focus on heart-rate monitor. This will help users control heart rate to get the most effective result
during the progress of doing exercise. We have a main point in “heart rate scale” in this app. It is
designed for many ages, gender and body.



Also available in: Atom