LED industry is facing good market opportunities, technology infrastructure and LED dance floor should be said is quite advanced, major products and key technology and international advanced level in the same industry can be consistent, but the level of technology is relatively backward, in product standardization , aspects of the whole system design, reliability, manufacturing processes, and other testing methods to detect and abroad have obvious difference. Here follow VSSLIGHTING together to understand it.

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The first is the high light efficiency: For the luminous efficiency LED dance floor can be said to be an important indicator of the energy saving effect, the current efficiency of the light effect remains to be strengthened, to really want to do all aspects of high-efficiency, from the industrial chain solutions related technologies question, then how to achieve high efficiency it? This article will discuss technical issues specific dispute epitaxy, chip, package, lamps and several other aspects to be addressed.

The LED dance floor light color quality is including color temperature, color, light color fidelity, natural light color, hue degree of recognition, visual comfort and so on. Here we discuss only solve the current color temperature and color rendering problems. Produce high color led display light, will lose more light effects, so the design should take care of these two factors. Of course, to improve high color RGB tricolor must also consider combinations.

Once again, speaking from the high reliability: including the failure rate, life expectancy and other indicators. However, in the application but there is a different understanding and elaboration. High Reliability refers to the product under specified conditions and within the specified time, the ability to complete the required function. The main categories of serious failures led failures and parametric failures. And life is characterized by the value of product reliability. Generally refers to a statistical average of a large number of components, the life of the device is the use of meaning led this description. LED dance floor but the factors affecting reliability of the chip manufacturing, packaging, thermal resistance, heat and so on.

Finally, to reduce product cost: At present, many consumers buy when they are felt led display price is too high, many LED display manufacturers have also taken the appropriate measures to reduce costs in addition to high-volume production, mainly from the technical on measures taken to reduce costs, ways. Mainly to reduce costs in the epitaxial chip, package, drive, heat, etc., in order to solve the led display products from the fundamental issue of cost.

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