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704941BugNewNormalShopkeeper, guard, and demoness all go non-agressive when it seems they should still be agressive.2017-10-19 08:04 AM
704900BugNewNormalThe shopkeeper seems to leave his shop every time you go up or down the dungeon stairs2017-10-19 03:12 AM
704891BugNewNormalThe price of the last-listed item in the shop is often displayed twice2017-10-19 02:31 AM
704885BugNewNormalI saw a "nonexistant giant wasp" in an adjacent area2017-10-19 08:28 AM
704883BugNewNormalOdd Wild Gladiator Behavior - Her complaint is ambiguous, she doesn't get agressive when you expect her to, and she does when you don't2017-10-19 02:19 AM
704882BugNewNormalThe ability of the shopkeeper to calculate how to charge you for high-cost items is inadequate2017-10-19 02:04 AM
704880BugNewNormal The display of your most humiliating item worn by the player character seems to have a higher tolerance than the player character themselves2017-10-19 01:52 AM
704879BugNewNormalThe superhero outfit absorbs fluids2017-10-19 01:49 AM
704878BugNewNormalWashing in the forest pool does not clean hair thats saturated with urine or cum.2017-10-19 01:47 AM
704877BugNewNormalBoots from white latex hood appear over existing footwear 2017-10-19 01:46 AM
704876BugNewNormalTwo displays of the fairy greeting image in a row2017-10-19 01:44 AM
704348BugNewNormalToggling Character Window does not disable character window2017-10-17 08:40 AM
704227BugNewNormalSquirt Timer Error when dying of overinflation.Anonymous Slime2017-10-16 10:55 PM
703017BugNewNormalGoddess Tunic having opposite of intended effect2017-10-11 12:46 PM
702399BugNewNormalGladiator brutally rips your nothing from your body2017-10-09 11:13 PM
701746BugNewNormalExamining asshole after being plugged by the throne produces runtime error2017-10-07 06:38 AM
701553BugNewNormalWrestler Re-Targets You After Public Toilet Session ImmediatelyAika X2017-10-05 09:09 PMgameplay glitch
701312BugNewNormal"mannequin rubs your clit" while in chastity2017-10-04 04:04 PM
701311BugNewNormalCleverly stolen - please report bug2017-10-04 04:00 PM
700945BugNewNormalWishing with djinni after you've fainted once doesn't work2017-10-03 06:38 AM
700935BugNewNormalLine breaks when sprinklers soak into clothes2017-10-03 06:14 AM
700755BugNewNormalIgnoring diapers2017-10-02 03:36 AM
695864BugNewNormalBuoyant salve error2017-09-08 12:41 PM
695489BugNewNormalMac Zoom version completely skips introductory scenes, arrives at "push button" part instead Aika X2017-10-19 01:19 AMgameplay glitch
695324BugNewNormalSalve of Concealment, reapplication causes runtime errorAika X2017-09-06 07:21 AMruntime error code
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