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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category
639849BugNewNormalRun-time problem P47Aika X2017-02-23 06:05 AMruntime error code
639346BugNewNormalStolen item for Shopkeep continues to be active even after the shopkeeper to it backAika X2017-02-21 04:51 PMgameplay glitch
637840BugNewNormalSwapped names of White Panties and White Good Girl BriefsAika X2017-02-22 06:05 PMother
637692BugNewNormalleash described as clit lead2017-02-17 05:18 AM
637691BugNewNormalbroken (sufficiently humiliated) character will put on veil even with other headgear worn2017-02-17 05:13 AM
637690BugNewNormalwild gladiator in woods thinks breasts only go to GG with extreme proportions2017-02-22 04:47 AM
637689BugNewNormalleash + cultist = stuck2017-02-17 05:01 AM
636293BugResolvedNormalWierd breast overflow bug?Aika X2017-02-12 08:39 PM
635593BugNewNormalIntentional Fainting in mansion breaks room layout2017-02-08 11:26 PM
635291BugIn ProgressNormalItems taken from mansion marked as stolenMulchy Gulcher2017-02-08 11:55 AMgameplay glitch
634985BugNewNormalThe Master/Minotaur infinite loop2017-02-07 06:08 AM
634942BugBlockedNormalCan examine traps before ever activating themMulchy Gulcher2017-02-09 01:18 AMother
634937BugResolvedNormalThe bed in the mansion is missingMulchy Gulcher2017-02-08 12:09 PMother
634889BugNewNormalMilking does nor work for cow girlsAika X2017-02-08 11:39 AMgameplay glitch
634878BugNewNormalSlutty Sisters do not retaliate to attacking Sex Doll PC2017-02-06 06:00 PM
634736BugNewLowSome possessed clothes reference nothingAika X2017-02-06 12:48 PMother
634546BugAssignedNormalNew type of braMulchy Gulcher2017-02-12 04:31 PMother
631223BugBlockedNormalWeight loss potion doesn't reduce breast size from throne when drankAika X2017-01-24 11:17 AMother
631221BugResolvedNormalRope harness and runic headband share shorttened name: rhMulchy Gulcher2017-01-24 10:09 AMother
630723BugNewLowPart of Female Chastity belt picture is overdrawn by bellyAika X2017-01-21 10:53 PMother
630349BugResolvedNormalstrict dominatrix fails to start punishmentMulchy Gulcher2017-01-21 12:21 PMgameplay glitch
625319BugNewNormalMonster invoked TG2016-12-30 04:00 AM
625318BugNewNormalTG has no warning messages2016-12-30 03:55 AM
624755BugIn ProgressNormalP10 error when giving to wench voluntarilyMulchy Gulcher2016-12-28 05:07 AMother
619348BugBlockedNormalNo matter which is selected in options, map window is always larger2016-12-21 11:05 PM
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