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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category
630349BugNewNormalstrict dominatrix fails to start punishment2017-01-20 05:58 AM
628518BugNewNormalNo "ink me" tattoo for encased in latex playersAika X2017-01-15 09:01 PMgameplay glitch
625567BugResolvedNormalCrosstrainer use blocked by cum addictionMulchy Gulcher2017-01-05 05:05 AMgameplay glitch
625319BugNewNormalMonster invoked TG2016-12-30 04:00 AM
625318BugNewNormalTG has no warning messages2016-12-30 03:55 AM
625316BugResolvedNormalaeromancer dropped fox earsMulchy Gulcher2016-12-30 08:08 AMgameplay glitch
624755BugIn ProgressNormalP10 error when giving to wench voluntarilyMulchy Gulcher2016-12-28 05:07 AMother
624414BugResolvedNormalno sound of cage lifting when Barbara pulls the leverMulchy Gulcher2016-12-28 05:49 AMgameplay glitch
624325BugResolvedNormalhands-free notebook says it makes you collapse, but you are still standingMulchy Gulcher2016-12-24 01:39 PMgameplay glitch
624139BugBlockedNormalGet Run-time problem P47 with Ornate trunk / snickering mimic. (also text for outcome unclear)Mulchy Gulcher2016-12-23 07:53 AMruntime error code
619348BugBlockedNormalNo matter which is selected in options, map window is always larger2016-12-21 11:05 PM
617973BugNewNormalDisplacement issues.2016-12-04 01:18 PM
614613BugResolvedNormalDemoness vanishes after friendly sexMulchy Gulcher2016-12-23 10:25 AMgameplay glitch
614490BugIn ProgressNormalStudy Guide craftable for non-donorsMulchy Gulcher2016-12-15 03:23 AMgameplay glitch
613844BugAssignedNormalsilvery modules not implemented yet?2016-11-22 12:29 AM
613729BugAssignedLowGloryhole description/scenario logic errorAika X2016-12-21 06:52 PMother
613316BugBlockedNormalStuck in smoke and boobs aren't growingAika X2016-11-21 10:15 PMgameplay glitch
613313BugIn ProgressNormalVibrator error with no vibratorMulchy Gulcher2016-12-15 03:01 AMruntime error code
613295BugAssignedLowNotches property on vibrator. Vibrator non-existant. Mulchy Gulcher2016-11-21 10:16 PMruntime error code
613263BugNewNormalCan't pull aside panties while wearing a chasity cage.Aika X2016-11-21 01:19 AMgameplay glitch
612050BugNewNormalcan remove diaper from under lace/satin corset-tights maid outfit2016-11-17 01:39 AM
610055BugBlockedNormalThe "exposing black clubbing dress" cannot be hit by the laserAika X2016-12-15 03:26 AMother
610053BugBlockedNormalCannot wipe cum but can wash in the lakeMulchy Gulcher2016-12-23 08:54 AMother
609857BugAssignedNormalMuscle weakening frequently occurs on same round as first hunger notificationAika X2016-11-20 10:37 PMgameplay glitch
608291BugBlockedNormalGoth Mannequin Crash2016-11-20 10:32 PM
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