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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category
679872BugNewNormalmaid punishments coming fast and furious2017-06-28 11:20 PM
679871BugNewNormalstack overflow2017-06-28 11:18 PM
678661BugIn ProgressNormalWith the most recent update (3.2), crashes to desktop and framestack errorsMulchy Gulcher2017-06-24 04:28 PMinfinite loop / crash
676896BugIn ProgressNormalType 6 Layer ErrorAika X2017-06-20 11:16 AMgameplay glitch
673778BugAssignedLowShopkeeper will give you a drink if you're wearing shop bottom clothesAika X2017-06-20 12:05 PMother
672978BugBlockedNormalSex Doll Transformation not progressingMulchy Gulcher2017-06-22 12:37 AMgameplay glitch
672977BugResolvedNormalMaid spray bottle constantly respawningMulchy Gulcher2017-06-24 04:29 PMgameplay glitch
672324BugBlockedNormalMap shrinking if save loaded2017-06-26 09:59 PM
664923BugAssignedNormalPouch panties runtime errorAika X2017-06-26 07:21 PMruntime error code
664788BugBlockedNormalTripped in fight with only slappingAika X2017-06-03 09:46 PMother
664756BugBlockedNormalAltar Events Not TriggeringAika X2017-05-29 11:41 AMgameplay glitch
656567BugNewNormalDiaper Quest alpha: strict matron will not feed player2017-04-30 11:51 PM
652744BugNewNormalGhost not pssessing anal beads2017-04-15 01:49 PM
652037BugNewLowCondom of kings2017-06-26 09:17 PM
644710BugBlockedNormalClosed sac is considered opnAika X2017-06-26 07:35 PMgameplay glitch
637692BugIn ProgressNormalleash described as clit leadAika X2017-03-13 11:28 PMflavour issue
636293BugResolvedNormalWierd breast overflow bug?Aika X2017-02-12 08:39 PM
631223BugBlockedNormalWeight loss potion doesn't reduce breast size from throne when drankAika X2017-01-24 11:17 AMother
619348BugBlockedNormalNo matter which is selected in options, map window is always larger2016-12-21 11:05 PM
614490BugIn ProgressNormalStudy Guide craftable for non-donorsMulchy Gulcher2016-12-15 03:23 AMgameplay glitch
613729BugAssignedLowGloryhole description/scenario logic errorAika X2016-12-21 06:52 PMother
600473BugAssignedNormalrun-time problem when panties are over fullAika X2016-10-30 06:14 PMruntime error code
599463BugAssignedNormalAll recipes have the same abbreviation [re] Aika X2016-10-30 06:52 PMother
595808BugAssignedNormalLatex curse ignoring gape being disabledAika X2016-12-03 09:01 PM
562590BugIn ProgressLowTitle, description and image don't quite match up for hairAika X2016-06-06 10:21 PMother
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