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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category
662256BugNewNormalTransformed butt plug not tagged as worn2017-05-20 03:57 PM
658530BugResolvedNormalclothing transforming into stolen itemMulchy Gulcher2017-05-15 03:15 PMgameplay glitch
657952BugResolvedNormalnon-existent pussy dribbling2017-05-15 03:05 PMflavour issue
657470BugNewNormalAnal beads disapearing after ghost possession2017-05-04 03:47 AM
657465BugNewNormalgladiator insatiable - insists PC must suck pink mist for eternity2017-05-04 02:40 AM
657246BugNewLowBra/Bikini under clothes2017-05-03 12:24 PM
657203BugResolvedNormalCursed Items can be used for inspirationMulchy Gulcher2017-05-15 03:21 PMgameplay glitch
656697BugNewNormalnew potions of calm and dignity work as str and dex when taken as an enema2017-05-01 10:20 PM
656696BugBlockedNormalhave not had golem spawn since hotfix2017-05-15 03:07 PMother
656693BugNewNormalThe Master broke off from a spinning dildo trap in the woods2017-05-01 10:11 PM
656572BugResolvedNormalRoyal Guard can rip off Bag of Holding as punishmentAika X2017-05-15 03:10 PMother
656567BugNewNormalDiaper Quest alpha: strict matron will not feed player2017-04-30 11:51 PM
656492BugNewNormalBreed Me Panties BugAika X2017-04-30 03:53 AMother
655943BugNewNormaldq schoolgirl hair overlay offset2017-04-27 03:07 PM
652744BugNewNormalGhost not pssessing anal beads2017-04-15 01:49 PM
652037BugNewLowCondom of kings2017-04-12 08:33 PM
651177BugNewNormalDQ Bug guard not replacing certain underware2017-04-08 05:36 PM
647836BugNewNormalcowbell not attracting monsters2017-03-25 02:57 PM
647638BugNewNormalDisplaced the Maternity Dress and now it wont go backAika X2017-03-24 02:02 AMgameplay glitch
646340BugNewNormalAbility to remove underwear without removing pantsAika X2017-03-19 09:56 PMgameplay glitch
644710BugNewNormalClosed sac is considered opnAika X2017-03-13 06:54 PMgameplay glitch
637692BugIn ProgressNormalleash described as clit leadAika X2017-03-13 11:28 PMflavour issue
637690BugNewNormalwild gladiator in woods thinks breasts only go to GG with extreme proportions2017-03-10 04:02 AM
636293BugResolvedNormalWierd breast overflow bug?Aika X2017-02-12 08:39 PM
635593BugResolvedNormalIntentional Fainting in mansion breaks room layoutAika X2017-03-10 02:28 AMgameplay glitch
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