The three windings of the three-phase power supply have two connection methods, a star (Y) connection and a delta (△) connection. Usually the three-phase windings of the generator are connected in a star.

Connect the three stator winding ends of the generator into a common point. This point is called the neutral point. If the neutral point is directly grounded, this point is called zero point. Three wires are drawn from the first end of the winding, called phase line or fire line, this wiring method is called a star connection.

The star-connected power supply has two ways to supply power to the load. One is a three-phase three-wire system that uses three phase lines to supply power to the load, providing a set of three-phase voltages. The other is a three-phase four-wire system. In addition to the three phase lines, a wire is also drawn from the neutral point called the neutral line. Together with the phase line, the power is supplied to the load, and two sets of three-phase voltages can be supplied to the load.

The Mini Ac generator we recommend is a three-phase three-wire system with two fire lines and one neutral line. It is ideal for simulating generator Motor operation and conducting small scientific experiments.

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