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Vitalic Elite Rogue Wiki

Current Known Bugs

  • A Sap alert occasionally showing for friendly targets during arena preparation

Current Version

  • Version 2.3.0

Warlords of Draenor

  • Level 100 talents are now fully supported. Blade Flurry will be used to gain Venom Rush stacks when playing as Combat, therefore it is advisable to use a /cancelaura Blade Flurry macro when casting Killing Spree manually.

How do I update the routine?

  • The combat routine has an auto-update system built in, any smaller hotfix updates will be applied automatically the next time you start Honorbuddy (you can see the changelog in the GUI), major updates that require a new download will be sent via mailing list and also announced on the forum thread.

I'm experiencing a problem, how do I provide a log file?

Ensure you've first gone through the troubleshooting tips on the forum thread:

1. You should first click "Enable Diagnostic Mode" in the class config GUI (Utilities tab), this results in more information being placed in your log file which is helpful for solving any issue you might be having.

2. After playing for some time or reproducing the problem you should find the corresponding log file in your Honorbuddy Logs folder. You should navigate to the correct server/character folder and order by date modified to find the most recent log file.

3. Send the log file to along with a full description of the issue. (You can also send it to me directly via Skype if an enhanced user).