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Mets Website Upgrade Project Requirements
Navigation Course(NEW)

To use the current “Premium PPCDL” link page to modify for this course module.
The course is for up to TEN (10) participants to sign up. Once seats are all taken, the course date will disappear from the list.
The feature will be the same as the one we build for registering for PPCDL course.
After applicant filled in all the particulars, select from drop down menu “Navigation Course”, the course dates will be displayed for selection.
By clicking on the date, applicant’s selected course date will be updated automatically under the field “Preferred Date”
Course fee payment received via Paypal?? (check with client)
Registration complete, system will automatically forward an email to participant as confirmation. (Write up by Capt. Hilbert)
The data captured will be display in the same format as the PPCDL course.
The date of registration to be captured backend
Administrator will have access to update the course date from backend
Administrator will extract the registered participants name list from backend
Reschedule of registered course can be done.
Administrator is able to hide and display the course dates.

Web maintenance items

Troubleshoot for “PPCDL under MCC” registration limit. The system can only received up to 44 applications. Once the limit of 44 is reached the course date will disappear from the webpage.
Application received from Groupon,, Others, paypal all should be counted towards the registration quota.
Currently only Groupon registration is accounted for.
Course dates displayed in PPCDL course registration webpage should be displayed in order of the course dates and not in the order of registration, current date layout sequence is not in order.

Practical Refresher Course Booking (New feature)

Name, Contact number and email field on webpage to remain.
Applicant will select the day follow by month/year from drop down list.
System will display the selected date training time slot available.
For date falling on Monday to Sunday – A minimum of 2 hours booking is required, if the hour before and after are not taken.
Time slot to display for Monday to Sunday, except Friday are: 9 – 10am, 10 – 11am, 11am – 12pm, 1 – 2pm, 2 – 3pm, 3 – 4pm, 4 – 5pm, 5 – 6pm.
Once a 2 hour slot has been booked, it will be open to accept 1 hour slot booking immediately before or after the 2 hour slot.
For date falling on Friday & Saturday – 1 hour booking is permitted.
Time slot to display for Friday are: 9 – 10am, 10 – 11am, 11am – 12pm, 3 – 4pm, 4 – 5pm, 5 – 6pm
Once the time slot has been selected, applicant will submit and be shown the summary of entry details.
Applicant proceeded to make payment for refresher course fee via Paypal.
The booking submitted is to displayed as group based on course date, follow by training time.
Admin can reschedule or edit the training session details. In case of reschedule, admin is able to edit the booked time slot. The old time slot is open for booking again and the new assigned time slot is removed from the list.